On Mission Updates

You can find the latest updates for On Mission here. We will not post rumor or speculation --- only facts.

Current Model:

Our current model that has been recommended to the Diocese from the On Mission Commission has us in a grouping with Good Samaritan, St John's in Baden, and SS John and Paul in Wexford. The links to the Parishes are below.

Good Samaritan & St John Baden: http://goodsam1.org/

SS John & Paul: http://www.stsjohnandpaul.org/

If you would like to see the Diocesan page for On Mission, please visit: http://onmissionchurchalive.org/


A final decision will be announced in April 2018. What is not happening right now is the closings of buildings or an immediate merger of Parishes. The building closures will not be determined until after the Parishes merge and will be decided on by the new Priests and their committees. The new Parishes will not be final for 2 - 6 years. The process is still ongoing.